How to edit photos for instagram?

Easy and simple step by step guide!

All Instagram users face a need for astonishing photos for their feed. Halleluiah, there’s no need to be a learned photographer to generate attractive photo content. Usually, the secret of great feed is simple: camera, a few tools for editing, and of course constant practice. I will teach you how to edit photos for Instagram like a pro.

1. Take a quality shot
Think wisely. What will be the main idea or key concept of the shot? What do you want to show or highlight? Point your camera and take a shot. The quality of it is essential for further editing.

I try to take photos when the light is not too bright. I prefer the natural light and hate the artificial “yellow” lights. I think the perfect moment to take a shot is early mornings before 11 a.m and evenings after 18 p.m. (in summertime). The ideal places for me have always been terraces or the tables by the window in restaurants and cafes.

The simplest tip: ALWAYS wipe your camera till it’s clean BEFORE taking a photo.
Pro tip: Size your shots for Instagram. You know, in case your pictures are small, they will definitely look blurry and grainy. I know that the best size for an Instagram picture is 1080px by 1080px. Keep in mind, the service crops photos as a square for the Instagram gallery. Don’t forget to make sure it will look nice with other photos. Also, pay attention to photos for an Instagram story. They have different parameters: 1080px by 1920px.

2. Use the adjust
Please. Always. Check. Photo. Alignment.
I am that person who goes nuts seeing a crooked picture on a wall. So I constantly verify if my photos are pleasant to look at for every damn perfectionist.

Quick tip: Adjust your alignment on the main object of your photo or skyline.

3. Use filters intelligently
Remember, that great photos always look natural. Never apply any Instagram filter to the maximum. You already know what you need to highlight, so experiment with filters wisely.

The simplest tip: You have an opportunity to reorder or remove any filters. Scroll to the end of the list and click “Manage.” Enjoy!
Pro tip: When you define the style of your Instagram account use a customized filter for all your publications. It will help to discover a distinguishing look for your feed. Do it like a pro! 60% percent of best Instagram accounts always apply the same filter for their feed.

4. Lux/Colour
I believe, that this Instagram tool kills the quality of the photo. Nevertheless, slightly move the indicator to the right. It will increase contrast and intensity. Move to the left will decrease them.

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t have a great and useful tool, that could highlight the colors in a quality manner. I think, that Instagram editing is not enough, so I recommend my personal choice of the best photo-editing apps in the conclusion of the article.

5. Before you post!
Instagram compresses the original photo, so it affects the quality. Add Structure tool +10 to highlight small details.

Congrats! Your photo is ready! 🙂

Not all tasks can be completed by editing via Instagram. I highly recommend using additional tools. 3 best photo-editing apps:

Snapseed is a very useful app.
You can clean up the photo or delete unnecessary objects.

VSCO is a modern philosophy among mobile photographers.
The app has amazing filters that decorate every damn shot.

Lightroom is an essential tool for coloring your photos.
It will definitely help you to fix complicated problems of the light and color. It’s very easy to edit photos for Instagram using Lightroom.

From my experience, editing of 1 photo takes approximately 15 minutes.
If you want to read the “how to”s about Snapseed, VSCO and Lightroom let me know, please, in the comment section below!

Hey y’all, thanks for reading! 🙂