How to win followers on Instagram?

How to win followers on Instagram?

It’s not a secret if you want to win followers on Instagram in 2019 it’s really harder than a few years ago. The constantly evolving algorithm of the app and thousands of successful, creative brands make the platform highly competitive. So if you committed to play and win, you’d better know some important rules. In this blog post, I will try to give the most detailed instruction.

How to get your first 100 Instagram followers?

Today came that moment and you created your IG acc. What’s next? All actions depend on the situation. Has your company or brand already existed? Is it well-known? Let the customer know the news via email invitations. Put the link on your website and specify the account name on your personal or business cards.

If you haven’t attracted customers to your IG yet, you can ask your network, ask them for help. Your family members, employees and colleagues, friends and acquaintances, and friends of your friends will make for you not only a good number of followers but also support and assured activity.

good number of followers

Some preparations before making it public

Turn your IG page into a business acc. You’ll get access to all features that business acc provides. However, the change doesn’t influence your present followers. So think about the connection of the  FB business page to the IG acc of you company. You can easily create one if you don’t have a Facebook business account.

Switch to a business profile in the settings of your Instagram acc.  Run through all promo slideshow and accept the connection to Facebook. Convert the page into “Public” by choosing your page and tapping “OK”.

Select a title for the IG account, and find the category that matches the business. Here are the options included:

  • New/Media
  • Event sources
  • Government Politics
  • Art
  • Brands and products
  • Music
  • Sports

Pick an appropriate option. Now people can easily find your page.

Create your ideal BIO. The main task is to be creative, clear but enough concise. You should give users an vision and complete understanding of what your acc is about. The points to complete bio are:

  • Picture of the brand
  • Concise description
  • Clear incentive
  • Website URL
Picture of the brand

Picture of the brand. I strongly recommend using your unique logo as the profile picture. People can easily recognize the brand in the lists of accs. Plus it will quickly introduce your brand to IG visitors.

Concise description. Don’t be shy to put some emojis in there, your customers are alive people.

Clear incentive. What It will be? The latest news, giveaways, sales, fresh ideas or maybe everything else?

Website URL. Add a link to your blog posts or landing pages, specific product pages. Catch up the great opportunity to gain traffic and communicate with your customers. Change that clickable link at any time to promote your new content.

The first three lines or nine posts would be enough for you to show up. Take that serious, plan the content or the ‘happy nine’ in advance. Your IG profile must push someone who visits it to decide in a second whether to follow your profile. How can you help them to make that choice?

Each post should complement each other and create a cohesive feed. Verify that your content matches interests or the target audience. Often, it becomes one of the most difficult challenges that businesses have faced starting the promotion on Instagram. As a result, some pages look like garbage. Pleasant layout for your pictures is really essential. But the overall gallery style is one of the most crucial things (or even the most significant) that helps you to win followers on Instagram. It demonstrates that you take your business seriously, and lets your followers know that they can get high-quality content regularly.

Instagram is a service of sharing photo content first of all. So make your profile pleasant to the eye and post only high-quality pictures. If you plan to post pictures of goods, ensure that pictures look attractive for prospective buyers. Don’t be stingy and contact a professional photographer.

professional photographer

Be on trend, install useful additional apps to make your IG post interactive and eye-catching. Some free examples:

Layout is an integrated application to create collages with your phone. It provides a lot of opportunities to edit up to 9 images at the same time, automatic layouts, a lot of visual effects.

Boomerang makes short looped gifs. Looping mini-videos from several photos in a row is a great opportunity to capture yourself and your friends in motion.

Hyperlapse allows you to record a video in the time-lapse technique: speed up the video sequence several times using the technology of increasing the distance between frames. Is it coot, yeah?

Some third-party programs that worth attention are iMovie, VivaVideo, Splice. Use them to edit and impose special effects to your videos. In addition, you have already heard about MSQRD, which allows you to add mobile filters on the face.

Choose your own specific style, think over the color scheme. It’s best to adhere to your own style. In that case, your account will look neat and stylish.

You know already that picture is worth a thousand words. But in this case, the text will bring to your pictures additional value. Supply your photos with interesting captions. Come up with interesting stories, but avoid making the text too long. You know, it’s not a school essay, and additional wordiness will not bring you any bonuses. Become a storyteller, write correctly. Don’t let your reader give up reading in the middle of the text.

The excellent content plan is a must.

How to write a good content plan for any niche?

Decide on the type of your account. This can be a personal blog or a professional account, a representative brand page or an online store. Then, outline the structure of future content. Create rubrics. In each rubric, emphasize approximate topics for coverage. This will form your nine posts that you will prepare for the week ahead.

You still have no idea what to write about?

good content

Ideas for selling posts:

  • Description of the key benefits of the product
  • Announcements of new products
  • Feedback from your clients
  • Comparison of products (battles)

Ideas for entertainment and informational posts:

  • Discussion of trends
  • Company news
  • Workflow with humor
  • Posts that motivates you and your team to work
  • Brand philosophy and mission
  • Funny cases at work

Ideas for personal posts:

  • Tell us about your attitude to the product
  • References and links for study courses or books
  • Cooking recipes
  • Travels
  • Your rules and principles of life

What else to post when there is nothing to post:

  • Guest posts
  • Your favorite quotes
  • Interview with experts
  • Selection of useful resources and profiles

Create a table: a content plan for each week for the selected headings. Enter data in there and analyze the response of your audience to each of the posts in the form of likes/reposts/comments/saves.

But what about hashtags?

The description of the posts on IG page is a special aspect of effective promotion. Therefore, I advise avoiding using hashtags and instead of it try to write interesting text. You will be able to leave comments under your own post, using any appropriate hashtags that you need. This will give you the same result as in the case of using hashtags in the post description.

Increase Instagram followers up to 1000

Once you continued to expand, the next thing you do will really give an additional increase a number of your followers on Instagram. Here’s what you do.

Competitors are always good. Before analyzing competitors, you need to find them. We consider several types of competitors. Checking the competitors you know in person. Here I work with companies that are really my competitors, and I know that for sure. So your first priority is to find their IG profiles.

Checking competitors that you do not know in person. Here your task is to find companies that can actually compete with you or are indirect competitors. For example, you work in different cities or even countries.

ideas for the content

Checking companies with related, semi-related topics. This item is optional. Here you can borrow ideas for the content as well as find options for the cooperation of your product or service.

So, we found some popular accounts that provide contents and services are similar to yours. If there are strong competitors, then it’s worth looking at what they are doing. Your task is to do as well or better. If a niche is poorly represented on IG, then there is your chance to become a leader.

Learn from the mistakes of others: their failures are your opportunities.

For example:

Do they post only laudatory posts? Then you should describe not only about the pros but also about the cons of the goods.

Do they all the time writing about the product and bombing selling posts? Try to focus on dialogue with your audience, rather than increasing sales.

Do the competitors hide the cost? Disclose pricing information.

Do the rivals beg for likes and comments from subscribers? Try to share the themes that really worth liking. Surprise your followers and raise really sore topics.

Gaining 10 000 < Instagram followers

Now it’s time to come up to the following level. The acc is “adult” already but the sky is no limit. Serious numbers require serious tools. Sure you’ve heard already about Instagram ads. IG offers five formats of advertisement: photo, video, carousel, canvas Story ad, and Story ad.

Split your TA (target audience) into several segments by gender, age, geography, and interests. See how each particular segment responds to your IG posts, and leave only those who achieve your goals.

Experiment with content. The audience may surprise you by responding to what you thought was or by ignoring your masterpiece of advertising.

Experiment with formats. Try to test each new format as soon as it appears to be in trend. The Instagram audience reacts sensitively to this, and a timely worked up trend attracts maximum attention, increasing awareness and loyalty.

The most interesting phase begins after launching of the ads campaign. After the start of advertising shows you need to evaluate the influx of subscribers or their engagement. It’s necessary to do this in order not to waste your budget and choose the most optimal strategy for displaying ads.

Use IG as an additional site for attracting traffic if you have your own website. Plus you can install a Facebook pixel. And it gives you opportunity to collect additional audience for retargeting. This audience will be warmer, and therefore more likely to be interested in your offer.

install a Facebook pixel

If your main sales go through the site, and Instagram is a communication channel,  connect Google Analytics and track additionally the conversion of advertising not only to subscribers and account involvement but also to customers on the site.

The ads periodically need to be updated, because the same picture will quickly become familiar. Audience behavior may vary from season to season. Therefore, optimization and management of targeted advertising is a continuous process. As a result, you’ll receive a reduction in cost and an increase in conversion of your advertising. Keep your business profile current with awesome content at the appropriate time. Install any social media management and scheduling tools to direct posting to the Instagram.

There are lots of advantages of scheduled posting. You can get more followers on Instagram and have free time to work on further perspectives.

And monetize! You’re not another common and simple account anymore. Amount of people read you, hear you and trust you. Use your own way to find profit in that. What would it be? Have your product to sell? If you haven’t a product to sell, you can join the affiliate products program. Or you can organize your own membership group and give people personal coaching on a topic you know about.

And in conclusion, start thinking about the presence outside Instagram. Now, when you get Instagram followers, you can afford yourself to extend the boundaries and move towards to the next level. It’s easy to gain Instagram followers, if you conduct complex planned work. Good luck!