Instagram Promotion Strategy: Plan Your Positions And Don’t Forget To Buy Likes And Followers

Is Instagram a phenomenon, a social network or just a database of beautiful photos? The answer to this question is simple – all together! Instagram started as a startup in 2010, suddenly gained popularity, and now show me the person who doesn’t know what Instagram is! Instagram has become the perfect platform for our moral and aesthetic feel-good and for business. With time it became vital for people to promote their Instagram accounts. For that, we crafted different approaches starting with mass liking and ending with buy likes and followers strategies. This article will tell you about major steps every person should take in order to get promoted on Instagram successfully!

How to run Instagram account properly?

Just to start posting random photos is not enough. To be more precise, it is possible, but this is unlikely to bring you the desired results. Content should be interesting to the users, that’s the given. Only when you have enough followers you can start advertising your products and services. By the way, you should remember that Instagram is not an online store. No need to add photos of your products on a white background. Beautiful setting and faces can become viral among users. But now, let’s consider 3 major steps you should take to promote your account effectually.

Work out a strategy!

Divide your strategy into several stages to have a broad picture of future work. If you have a “young” account, you need to use one approach and when you are already well-known among Instagramers, another one. Do not be afraid to change your strategy from time to time. It’s most likely you will be engaged in changing it in the very beginning. As you need to understand what meets all your goals and goal of your TA.

1. Positioning

The effectiveness and success of promoting a project on Instagram are determined mainly by the chosen positioning, which, in turn, depends on the characteristics of the target audience, budget, segment, and other factors.

First, you need to work with the concept. This should be an exciting idea that would suit a business project and take into account its capabilities and features. You need to think over all the details since the implementation of a bad idea will give a zero result.

There are 3 main directions of positioning:

Commercial account. The primary purpose of the page is to organize the sale of services or goods. Here we see published images and materials with a detailed description, characteristics, and prices, as well as offers to make a purchase.

In terms of promotion, running such a page is quite time-consuming and challenging to manage, since people use Instagram to communicate primarily, not to buy something. Too intrusive offer to buy can be perceived negatively.

Personal blog. This is a page of a particular user who tells to the entire World about him/herself, his/her life, hobbies, work, rest and other activities. In addition, the purpose of blogging is not only the desire to win personal popularity but also brand promotion and increased sales of goods or services. For the initial stage of growth of such accs, it’s recommended to buy likes and followers as it will help people perceive the acc in a more rose-colored way.

personal blog

A personal blog can be considered a page which meets the following conditions:

  • Regular content filling. To maintain the interest of followers, you need to publish new material systematically. In this case, the preparation of a content plan will help;
  • The quality of materials. Since originally Instagram is a kind of photo gallery, you should publish professional-quality photos. Articles should also be top-class;
  • Single theme. All posts and publications should have a common concept;
  • Expert level. The blogger must know oats in the topic he or she covers at the highest level and be a kind of consultant for followers.

Image-building account. You can not buy anything here, the account is intended to popularize a particular brand or product group. The community posts info about the product, its characteristics, and advantages holds competitions among its consumers or fans of the brand.

Here you need to publish high-quality photos and materials related to the company – news, event announcements, awards, news. As a rule, all major brands have such accounts. They do not seek to sell their goods at this moment but are working to form the opinion among potential customers that this particular product is cool and necessary for them.

2. Target Audience

But before we start searching for the target audience on Instagram, let’s draw a portrait of it:

age, gender, views and lifestyle, interests, activities (work or study), financial status and geolocation.

Identifying your target audience will help you:

  • understand where to find your target audience;
  • choose the style and format of communication;
  • choose the page design;
  • determine which tags to use;
  • at what time it is better to publish posts, etc.


You need to specify for yourself, how many followers you need. For different segments and different stages of acc promotion, it can differ. For instance, a micro-influencer do not need to have 1M followers, and brand acc is vice versa need to have as many followers as possible.

You need to understand which actions will lead to an increase in the number of followers, and which will lead to unfollowings. If you are unfollowed, it is not always bad. Especially if you change the approach or strategy in order to attract a completely different target audience.

how many followers you need

4. Content

You must also determine for yourself what content will be published. It should appeal to your followers, first. Make a note about what materials you will post: photos, videos, pictures, stories. It is also important to decide what type this content will be and in what proportions. Perhaps you need to post more entertainment content than selling or teaching. It all depends on the subject of your account and how you will present yourself (the positioning, point #1.) Of course, it would be inappropriate to publish numerous stories using doggy face filters if your audience is business people.

There is an opinion that high-quality content, especially on Instagram, is not cheap. Of course, you can invite specialists who will work on each photo and video. Or you can do it by yourself, just use IG filters, they are able to work wonders.

5. Time and frequency of posting

This is what you need to change and constantly test. Determine the best time you can with the help of statistics. But this is when you have a sufficient number of subscribers. In the beginning, you can analyze this information from competitors. Most Instagram users check their feed at least once a day, or even several times. Therefore, decide how often new posts will be posted and how often you will be able to provide material for them. You can do it a couple of times a day, you can post a couple of times a week.

Time and frequency of posting

Act on a plan!

First thing you need to do is to upload a couple of perfect photos and think about how you will attract the first audience to your profile.

For a start, you can buy likes and followers. They will increase your acc visibility and will help you to make a positive impression on your TA.

Of course, you can purchase cheap fake fans, but I advise you to investigate a little and to find the best Instagram follower service. In most of the cases, they are not so cheap but offer you to get real IG followers. With such an audience you can work further, and they won’t be just a number.

Once you learn how to make your content appealing to your TA and attracted your first real IG followers, it’s time to interact with them as actively as possible.

First, you need to like their posts. Through that, you will show them your keen interest, and they will communicate with you more willingly.

Besides, leave comments under the posts of your TA. That way you will increase the engagement rate of your audience. That in its turn will increase sales if you run a business.

Send direct messages with greetings to your followers. Thank them for following you. That will motivate people to communicate with you.

You can use special services for automation of such activity in order to save time. Moreover, they can do it on a larger scale.

Actually, there are much more methods of working with the audience like holding competitions and writing calls-to-action in every post. But they have sense only when you have got your audience and managed to make it loyal.


The last but not the least thing you must do to get a successful promotion is to analyze all your activity and correlate with the response of the audience. Analyze what type and format of content your supporters like more. Update your strategy if needed, try things once again, analyze. Regularly track statistics of your account: the number of followers per day, the number of unfollows, number of likes. Some services enable statistics on the ER and loyalty of your fans.

My secret tips

Tracking and analyzing your the activity on your account will help you to understand what you need to improve not only to get extra followers for Instagram but to enhance the involvement of the old friends.  

My secret tips

Not so secret, to be honest.

Use more hashtags. Try not to use only top hashtags. This is “required” due to the fact that posts on popular hashtags quickly go down in recent publications and rarely occupy positions in the TOP. Put down a couple of niche tags.

More Stories. Video content rocks, everybody knows that. Every day, publish from 5 to 10 stories with suggestions, interesting content, fantastic photos or a survey. Make a minimum of 3 stories that will be posted on the main profile page.

Ask your followers. Ask them about everything. Posts that end with a question have 80% more comments. An excellent option – questions that presuppose the answer “Yes” or “No.” Try to ask open questions that demonstrate that you are interested in the opinion of your followers.

Let’s sum up!

Promotion on Instagram does take little effort, no doubt.

First, you need to work out a clear strategy:

  • Decide on your positioning and target audience than define how many followers do you want to see on your profile and if you wish to get real Instagram followers fast or you are ready to get them together for a couple of months. If you choose the first option, be sure to find the best service that offers only real followers;
  • Next step is to specify what type of content you place a premium on photo or video or live streams. Make sure it suits your TA;
  • Find the best time to post. It will depend on your TA, of course, when it sleeps, when it’s active and where it lives, as the timezone is vital.

The second step is to start acting according to the chosen strategy. Once you get your first fans, start gradually interact with them, engaging them more and more. Moreover, it’s time to get more followers and expand your influence among Instagramers. You need to:

  • Like and comment on the profiles of your supporters.
  • Send them direct messages;
  • Hold competitions;
  • Ask them to express their opinion in comments or in private.

The final stage is to track statistics and analyze it.

You need to know whether your strategy works out or not. For that daily observe the audience behavior when you post a particular content. You will see plainly it by the daily number of likes and new followers. Thus, you can advance your strategy trying new things, update it entirely or continue to align with the old one. In any case, it’s essential for any promotion campaign.

This article is my pet project, I tried to put all my knowledge, experience, and competence in it. I hope it will be useful for your Instagram promotion. I wish you good luck and million followers to your account!