Enjoy life: 15 things that are worth to spend your time on

Our time is extremely limited. Most of us realize that, but still, keep up wasting it. We are scrolling Instagram for almost an hour. We are playing computer games for half a day. We are talking on the phone for several hours. We go to a coffee shop every single day.

Darius Foroux, blogger and productivity expert, believes that time value awareness has nothing to do with this. The majority knows that time is a finite resource. The thing is, they have no idea how to spend it properly.

Darius Foroux advises everyone to make a list of activities that are really worth to spend time on. There is no doubt that many people value different things, so the list is going to be unique for everyone. Darius Foroux offers you his profitable ways of spending leisure time. How to enjoy life? Read the post till the end to find the answer. 

1. Work out

I am very much into strength training, cause being strong is one of the most useful qualities in life. Sitting at the desk, go shopping or traveling — it makes no difference. Your life will be much easier if you are in good shape.

2. Spend time with loved ones

It does not matter what you are doing. The main thing is to be close to a person you truly love. Guaranteed to cheer you up and get a burst of energy.

time with loved

3. Learn the way your body works

Everyone should know that. I am fond of reading the latest scientific research about health and keeping fit.” How do you enjoy life? Keep your body strong and healthy and you will be a happy human being.

4. Keep a journal

Asking yourself questions might be very efficient. What have I done for today? What have I learned? What am I going to do tomorrow? Answering these, you are investing time in your success and well-being.

5. Acquire new skills 

Always try something new. Lately, I have started practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Every week I go to classes and do workouts at home. Learning new things makes me an eternal student. I like that feeling.

6. Develop financial strategies

I like reading and listening to different investment strategies stories. My strategy is to buy undervalued stocks. I am keeping up to educate myself in the financial sphere and always monitor traders’ activity. I have a strong interest in financial management because I do not want to lose my hard-earned money.

7. Watch inspirational movies

I find hard to understand people addicted to TV shows. For me, it is a poor use of time. Watch movies that have a great potential to motivate instead

8. Listen to music

I am a music lover. Favorite songs inspire and give me energy. It is better to listen to music that matches your mood at the moment.

music lover

9. Read

My day begins and ends up with reading. Not a day goes by without favorite books.

10. Talk about life

Going into deep conversation with your soulmate is amazing. I could not stand small talks, since I was a kid. That is why I do not waste my time on people I have no close connection with.

11. Enjoy the sauna

One of my favorite things to do after a hard day at work is to spend some time in the sauna. Health benefits are not the main reason why I use it. Relaxing in the sauna calms my nerves and replaces meditation.

12. Discover new books

Now and then I spend several hours reading books’ description. Do not repeat my mistakes. It is more important to read books themselves.

13. Watch sports online

I used to play basketball. That is why I am still fond of watching games. My best pick for NBA games.

14. Laugh

I love making jokes. Life is hard, but without a sense of humor, it gets even harder.


15. Work on your goals

You will never regret the time spent on moving your life forward. This is an investment in your future. Live so that you could tell yourself: “If today were my last day, I would not change anything.

It is not obligatory to live every day as if it were the last one. But it is crucial to spend your time properly. Be proud of your lifestyle and you will never face any regrets.

When it comes to things worth spending time on, we would highlight self-realization. Self- development consists of constant improvement yourself and your life. Moreover, vocational self-determination is a key point in order to live your best life. 

Often, professional success depends on your knowledge, ability to quickly absorb new information and manipulate data. A large amount of details you have to remember scares you.

One should keep calm and rely on science. How to memorize a great deal of info with ease? People have long been interested in this question. The issue remains urgent, that is why scientists keep on looking for the answer.

Adam Grant, an organizational psychologist, deeply concerned with memory phenomena, claims that have found the answer. Grant suggests three simple steps to memorize everything you need.

Test yourself

Reading over and over, highlighting key points and other memorization techniques are not really useful. Studies show that self-check has turned out to be one of the best ways to speed up your learning. It helps to naturally create context.

If you ask a question and answer it yourself wrong, you will remember a mistake you have made. Looking for the right answer is guaranteed to capture the necessary details in your memory. Making mistakes is a reliable way to remember the correct answer.

Test yourself

Imagine you are going to make a presentation. Ask yourself what does the introduction consist of. Emphasize some key points you would like to dwell on. Express a view on data contained in your project — sales estimates, key initiatives or competitive analysis results, whatever.

This practice makes information easier to absorb and remember. In addition, testing yourself gives you confidence that you know a lot.

Summarize and share your knowledge

Perhaps, teachers used to be bad at teaching. Nowadays, they gain knowledge faster and memorize more. Because discussing topics is an essential part of knowledge transfer. It helps you revise and acquire knowledge.

As scientists reassure, even thoughts about sharing new information make memorization easier. Preparing for a lesson, teachers seek to extract the most important things and make a structure to combine disparate data. It concerns all professionals facing the challenge of knowledge transfer.


Associate new information with something you already know

The main principle of associative learning is drawing parallels between things that have nothing in common. Need to learn something? Try to associate it with what you are familiar with. At least on some points. As a result, you have to keep in mind some details only. You will be able to apply context to new information and quickly retrieval it.

Follow the rules of threes and make much less effort to absorb significant information effectively. And please relax and enjoy life.