The Top 5 International eSIM Solutions

In 2023, everyone is talking about eSIM — a virtual SIM card that opens access to the Internet and mobile calls in almost any country.

If you are still not in the topic and do not follow trends, but are going on a trip or work purposes to another country, then you definitely need eSIM.

In the article, we will tell you what it is and which services are the best eSIM data plan solutions at the moment.

What is eSIM?

An eSIM (or embedded-SIM) is a SIM card built into the device. eSIM is a tiny chip that is installed by the manufacturer inside the smartphone at the production stage and cannot be replaced in the future. A distinctive feature of this technology is the ability to overwrite data many times, changing operators and, accordingly, tariffs. You can’t do that with a classic SIM card. In addition, to connect or change the operator, you do not need to visit special centers at all. Everything is done through the smartphone app.

So far, one of the best ways to use eSIM is to use it for the Internet in another country. Internet prices there are not the most pleasant – $50 for 5 GB per month (this is the maximum tariff, there are others). During the trip, specify in the network settings that access to the Internet will be carried out through it.

Pros and cons of eSIM

eSIM has mainly positive qualities. The ability to remotely change the operator and the tariff takes up less space in the case and eliminates the need for a separate connector (well, almost).

iPads using eSIM have already lost their SIM card slot. But the new iPhones can’t boast of such an achievement yet. At the moment, both eSIM and classic SIM cards can be used on iPhones. You can combine them by specifying in the settings which card is the base and which is an additional one.

pros and cons of eSIM

If we continue talking about the iPhone, then there is a Chinese version of the device (official, just focused on China), and it has 2 classic slots for sim cards. For all other countries, this is an eSIM + SIM card. This approach is correct, as operators will finally start fussing and will gradually switch to eSIM. When there are a lot of them, most likely Apple will completely remove the connector for the physical card.

Top 5 international eSIM solutions

eSIM Plus

A convenient and multifunctional eSIM service for providing Internet traffic and the possibility of making mobile calls and sending SMS. The service operates in more than 100 countries and provides uninterrupted Internet access.

The service has convenient tariff plans that vary by country. Therefore, you can save money if you plan to travel or work trips to only one country.

Unlimited Internet to 133 countries will cost 200 euros. This is the most expensive and multifunctional package. The most budget option will cost 5 euros, but it is worth considering the restrictions.


A popular and inexpensive eSIM service. The service has a built-in tool for checking the phone to see if it is suitable for this function.

The principle of working with the service is simple. First, check whether the phone is suitable for the function, then choose a suitable plan, pay, and receive a QR code for activation.

There are several tariff plans to choose from, suitable for different budgets. They differ in the number of megabytes available and the days to use. The cheapest one will cost $10 per month, and the most expensive one will cost $29.


eSIM service in more than 60 countries. The service has built a reputation for itself due to a stable and reliable Internet connection without technical bugs. 

eSIM is suitable for most modern phones. The site has a list of all models compatible with the service.

The available tariff plans vary in the number of countries, the size of the available Internet and the number of days to use. The most expensive option will cost $35, and the most inexpensive one will cost $10.

A company providing eSIM services in Europe and England. The service has a high rating and is quite popular among travelers.

The service also has a qualified support service that is 24/7 ready to help with solving any difficulties that arise.

eSIM services

Several tariff plans in the arsenal are suitable for any budget. They differ in the available Internet and the number of days to use it. The most expensive option is $25, and the inexpensive one is $10.


This service provides access to both a mobile eSIM and a virtual SIM card for making international calls and sending SMS messages.

The service has many different Internet packages and tariff plans. They differ in the number of available gigabytes, days to use, and available countries. All up-to-date information on prices is available after entering all the data.

In addition, there are tariffs for personal use and for business purposes.


Today, in the variety of services providing virtual number for registration services, you can get confused and choose an expensive and non-functional option.

Therefore, we hope that after reading this article, you will choose the service that will not only be multifunctional but also not expensive.